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What started out as an early rise turned out to be a very rewarding and fun day!

Commissioned to do a feature on Brussel Sprout picking, got there early, 5.30am start to get the best light, all turned out well with some lovely images and a very happy client as well as the pictures being used in The Scotsman and Metro so-far.

Leaving the house when it’s still dark is never fun, but seeing the sun come up you start to get ideas going in your head as you drive to the shoot.

And this was no exception, the early morning light was just perfect.

The client who had come up on the sleeper from London was surprisingly chirpy.

So we got started straight away everything worked out well and I can now say I am an expert on sprout farming!

sandy young sprout picking photography


***News*** 5th year running photographer for the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo

I am very pleased to announce that for the 5th year in a row I have been commissioned to be the official photographer for the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo in a few weeks.

This for me is a great privilege to be asked yet again to photograph the event over 3 days.

For the most part I am the only photographer allowed in to photograph the rehearsals, VIP areas and after show party.

It is a great event to do with a host of celebrities and artist in the past, which has included Sir Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson, Will Smith, Diane Ross, Uma Thurman, Annie Lennox and Kevin Spacey and not forgetting the Nobel Peace Prize winners Martti Ahtisaari, Muhammad Yunus, Al Gore and Barack Obama.

With the chance to work with a great team again, hard work but very rewarding.

From the rehearsals the press conference and organising the official photograph of all the celebrities and artists, and of course the concert it’s self.

Wiring out pictures from the concert as it happens usually every 10-15 minutes worldwide.

Then it’s backstage to cover the arrival of the Nobel winner arriving at the party.

Always a very late night working well into the early hours as I like to give the client a CD of images from the past 3 days at the end of the party.