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My work experience by lucy young age 14 and a half……….

Work experience.

My name is Lucy Young and I am aged 14, today I did my first day of work experience with Sandy Young photography (who is my dad). I wasn’t there for very long as it was a short job but the time I was there was very pleasurable. I didn’t really have to do much as, like I said, we weren’t there for very long. All I had to do was hold a flashgun, dad told me where to point it and where to stand. I’m glad that is all I had to do else I probably would have broken one of his camera’s, which would not have been good.
We went to a nursery called ‘kool kidz’ to take the pictures and met some people from Lloyd’s bank there. The people from Lloyd’s bank wanted us to take some pictures of them outside the nursery and then again inside. They had invested some money into making an extension into the nursery, which was why we were there.
Today I learnt that when you are taking a picture, you have to make sure that everything is the exact right place and also you have to make sure that before you take the actual picture, you need to take a practise one just to make sure the lighting is right and all of the people are in the correct position. Today has been good experience for me because now I know how a photo shot actually works and why they some people have them. This may come in handy in the future.
Two weeks ago he went to the Mobo Awards and didn’t take me with him, which I was really disappointed about. So instead of that he took me to photograph some bankers. Not the same really but it was good experience!


I won Calumet photo of the week!

I won the Calumet photo of the week for the 6th of October 2011.
Really pleased this is a world-wide weekly contest, and my 1st entry!
Calumet are a leading supplier for the photographic industry, and hold a regular competition for their “photo of the week” featuring some exceptionally high quality photos from international photographers.
Taken on holiday, driving round the desert on the old Route 66.

IPhone 4s review

As luck would have it, my upgrade (from the 3gs) was due same day as the new IPhone 4s was released!
So got my order in picked it up on Friday.
First impressions, its great……now for the tech stuff.
Loads pages very quickly on wifi noticeably quicker than on the 3gs.
The screen resolution is fantastic images taken or one’s you already have look sharper and more vibrant.
The camera its-self a new eight megapixel camera and 1080p high definition video capture is just perfect, when opened up in photoshop it gives a 22.9m image. I love the fact that when you compose a shot you can then touch the screen where you want it to expose……genius!
Here a few pix from today, just as they were shot on the iphone 4s, no adjustments.

The phone reception seams better, getting at least one more bar around my house.
The new feature of the iPhone 4s is Siri, a virtual personal assistant based on voice recognition technology.
Not sure about this didn’t seam to get my accent!