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Prince’s Trust Celebrate Success Awards- 2011

Great night as usual at the Prince’s Trust Celebrate Success Awards, to recognise the hard work and commitment of young people who have changed their lives.
This is the 5th year I have covered this event (must be doing something right) great to see all the young people and PT staff and volunteers getting a reward for all their work.

As usual I always I always keep the award winners back to set up a picture with their award, as looking up to a stage does not always make for the best pic.
And you can always rely on Rangers Manager All McCoist for a good photo opp.
Here’s All with Martin Currie Charitable Trust Young AMBASSADOR of the Year award winner, Peter Sweeney.

Double page spread in The Scotsman yesterday to highlight some of the young achievers and also a pic in today’s paper.

Well done to all the winners and finalists at the Prince’s Trust Celebrate Success Awards.


My 1st Christmas photo of the year!

Good morning all…..
Shot my 1st Christmas photo of the year last week, commissioned by one of my clients to shoot a Christmas tree feature for B&Q who were getting the trees in to all there stores for Christmas. Picture appeared in The Guardian, Daily Record and Sunday Mail.
The farm in question was 20 mile north of Aberdeen and shoot was to start at 9am (of course it would be), but at least I didn’t have to travel up from London as my client did, she turned up on time in a muddy field with a nice clean pair of Ugg boots!

It takes 10 years to grow a tree to this size and the chaps on the farm were very helpful, considering this is there busiest time of year……still have to get myself a Christmas tree.

I won the Calumet photo of the week for the 2nd time.

I’ve won the Calumet photo of the week for the 8th of November 2011.
With a lovely wedding picture I took on a cold day in Glasgow, dodging the traffic!
Shot in colour but makes a much nicer black & white.
Calumet are a leading supplier for the photographic industry, and hold a regular competition for their “photo of the week” featuring some exceptionally high quality photos from international photographers.

World Hickory Golf Open

I do a fair amount of golf pictures over the summer, most through my corporate clients.
I got a call from a new client a golf magazine to shoot the World Hickory Championship…..sounds good, men with wooden clubs, lets see how they get on without all the technology that goes in to golfing theses days! Actually there were some pretty impressive scores.
It was the end of the golf season, and weather had started to turn and it was raining that day so packed all my waterproofs in to the car.
When I arrived at Craigielaw in East Lothian the sun had just started to come out!
Felt as if I a was in a time warp, all the golfers in period plus fours and with the obligatory old canvas bags and wooden clubs.

I love days like this, amazing scenery walking round a golf course and enjoying my favourite hobby…oh and also getting paid for it!

Every day is different as a photographer…….

Very interesting day yesterday, 1st job up to Edinburgh Castle for a photocall to promote Historic Scotland’s free admission to over 40 attractions, part of the St Andrews day programme – details on the website

Then it was off down the Royal Mile to the Palace, I had been booked to photograph some of their vast collection of historical artefacts that have been amassed over the centuries by the Royal household.
I have a great interest in history and it is always a pleasure to photograph such collections.
Yesterday was the christening robe of Charles the 1st (1600-1649) who was born just 5 miles down the road from where I am now.

Today I will be at the Parliament for a ministerial reception, for the National Osteoporosis Society.

10 years of Oloroso

What a great way to send a Sunday afternoon.
10th anniversary party of the Edinburgh Restaurant Oloroso, owned by top Scottish chef Tony Singh.
As per usual Tony’s knows how to celebrate, and the food was just out of this world! From the Vietnamese tiger prawns to the traditional stovies.
A perfect day in Edinburgh, standing outside on the balcony overlooking Edinburgh Castle with a glass or two of champagne at the end of October….
A great thanks to Tony and all his staff for the great food and dining experience over the last 10 years!

Halloween street party – Glasgow

My client who had organised the biggest Halloween street party in Scotland, the Miller Genuine Draft- Creatures Of The Night Halloween Street party, taking over Ashton Lane in Glasgow with lots of guest DJ’s.
What a night! I am always doubtful about how many people will make the effort and dress up, but ended up with me being the only one sober and not in fancy dress!
It was a great party atmosphere you couldn’t move fro zombies, probably inspired by Brad Pitt filming his Zombie epic World Z in Glasgow over the summer.

A very busy night for me I was there until 2am sending out pictures, but well worth it, pix appears in 4 nationals, The Sun, The Star, The Express, front and full page 3 of the Daily Record.
As a true pro I managed to spot Paolo Nutini dressed as the Joker….. amongst the hundreds of people in fancy dress. Did help that he was a VIP guest and my client Fred knew he was coming as the Joker.