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Behind the scenes of Young James Herriot

I spent an afternoon on the set of the new BBC TV drama Young James Herriot, which follows the adventures of James Herriot’s days as a Veterinary student in 1930’s Glasgow, shooting a behind the scenes feature for a magazine.
I had unlimited access to the street set in Glasgow, just no filming during takes!

For the portraits of the main cast (Iain de Caestecker as young James) I had to be very quick, I picked my spot set up a light and waited until they were not needed on set, very happy with the shots and all the actors were more than happy to pose for me.
I wanted to shoot Iain de Caestecker with the Glasgow veterinary college sign, I had to wait until they had finished using the area for filming, by which time the light had faded.
So I set a light on the sign as well as on Ian just to bring out the lettering not too much just enough so it looked natural.

Shooting on set is always tricky, trying not too get in the way of the film crew and extras….and of course not getting myself in any of the shots!


Nobel Peace Prize Concert images

Here are some of my favourite images taken at this years Nobel Peace prize concert in Oslo over the last few days.
Spent 3 days photographing the rehearsals, press conference and the concert itself as the official photographer.

L-R Bernhoft rehearsing, I got this shot just standing under him at the stage with a 20mm lens, I knew with his singing style at some point he would bend down a bit so I could get this powerful shot capturing the passion of his music. For the shot of Dane Helen Mirren and American actress Rosario Dawson I thought it was too low to shoot but I still managed to get a fanatic image of the two hosts.
American country due Sugarland were great, for this shot felt it important to get them both in the same frame so I got on stage with them and shot on a wide-angle lens for about 30 seconds. I wanted to capture some of the impressive stage set-up, which worked out well with singer Jill Scott.

Who says you need light to make a great picture! This image of Ellie Goulding rehearsing, she was not keen on being photographed as she had just arrived straight off the plane to rehearsals with no make-up. So I shot this image of her and left her too it.
With American R&B soul singer Janelle Monae (who was amazing) I watched and photographed her in rehearsals and got this shot, so when it came to the concert I got into position to get this shot of her and guitarist Kellindo Parker and it worked out just perfect…. sums up the electrifying performance…across between Michael Jackson and James Brown!

For the picture of Angelique Kidjo this is one of those lucky occasions of being in the right place, she had decided during her performance to jump off stage and go through the audience as she came back round towards the stage I got this great shot with a nice bit of backlight creating a shadow which makes the picture. After the show Helen Mirren and Rosario Dawson who were chatting away so I just went up and asks dif they would mind looking to the lens for a few shots, I like this on a as it captures them in a nice relaxed pose. David Gray….best dressed man at the rehearsals.
And of course it all goes to the 3 women who won the Nobel Peace Prize Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkol Karman.
I hope you all enjoy my images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Nobel Peace Prize Concert exclusive images

Good morning from a cold Oslo.
Over in Norway for 3 days as the official photographer for the Nobel Peace Prize concert at the Oslo Spektrum.
This is my 6th year, and it’s always a pleasure……..
As the official photographer I get exclusive access to all the rehearsals and and backstage VIP areas as well as covering the concert itself.
Managed to get onstage during rehearsals for Sugarland, which they were really cool about. When I am on stage I try to make myself as invisible as possible, helps to get the best pix and sets up nicely for all the other artists.

Off now to photograph David Gray rehearsing, so will post some images later!