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Behind the scenes of Young James Herriot

I spent an afternoon on the set of the new BBC TV drama Young James Herriot, which follows the adventures of James Herriot’s days as a Veterinary student in 1930’s Glasgow, shooting a behind the scenes feature for a magazine.
I had unlimited access to the street set in Glasgow, just no filming during takes!

For the portraits of the main cast (Iain de Caestecker as young James) I had to be very quick, I picked my spot set up a light and waited until they were not needed on set, very happy with the shots and all the actors were more than happy to pose for me.
I wanted to shoot Iain de Caestecker with the Glasgow veterinary college sign, I had to wait until they had finished using the area for filming, by which time the light had faded.
So I set a light on the sign as well as on Ian just to bring out the lettering not too much just enough so it looked natural.

Shooting on set is always tricky, trying not too get in the way of the film crew and extras….and of course not getting myself in any of the shots!


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