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1000 portraits!

Deep breath…

My client in Edinburgh has two sites with over 1000 staff, and they wanted them all photographed!
The photography was straightforward enough, head and holders with a white background.

The challenge here was to make sure all the images corresponded to the correct people to be loaded on to my clients system for future reference.
I devised a simple system with my client, which involved excellent people skills and a few large boxes of chocolates!
I had broken down all the staff into 8 days 4 days each week, and then organised them to come down at set times, with a half day at the end of each week for any ones I had missed.

I edited and named all the images each night that way names and faces would still be fresh in my mind.
Turned out to be a great shoot meeting a lot of nice people, and a big thanks to Emma & Leigh for all there help and supplying me with plenty of coffee!


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