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Iphone 4s camera…how good is it.

When the iphone 4s was launched back in October 2011 I upgraded from the 3gs, primarily to get more storage and faster connectivity.
Cameras in phones have been around for a long time now, and as professional photographer they have never appealed to me.
But when I started playing around with the 4’s camera I was astounded not just at the quality of images that this phone produces but also the tap focus and exposure adjustments that can be made, marry this up with a good app and you have a nice light small compact camera that also makes phone calls!

This was taken in a street in Athens, didn’t have any of my cameras with me just me iphone, I would occasionally pass a picture opportunity and regret not having my cameras with me…not any more!

This picture of my girlfriends cocktail, shows just how much detail the camera holds even in a bright high contrast situation, where a lot of other so called hi-end compacts would fail.

Again when a picture opp happens just as you are walking down the street it’s easy just to pull out the iPhone and snap.

All the iPhone images here have been post processed in the phone using the snapseed app. It’s well worth getting to know what this app can do, play about with it and see for yourself.

The two images above were shot in low light (steady hand needed), yes there is a bit of noise in the images but they still retains lots of detail and sharpness.

The iPhone is perfect for those occasions when you are out and about and don’t want the hassle of carrying a big heavy camera bag around.
For me it saves a lot of time and also works as a great reference tool.