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Eerie Glasgow – Coronavirus

Glasgow during the COVID 19 lockdown.

I took a walk round Glasgow city centre and then up to the Charing Cross area, I found it a humbling experience, unusually quite no background chatter, peoples footsteps or the normal hum from the traffic. The eerie quietness of the empty streets brought it home, the impact the coronavirus is having on our daily lives.

When I started out I instantly thought of shooting this in black & white, looking at both the colour and b&w images side by side the later easily jumps out as the best image and with less in the image it adds more!

It was like a scene from The Walking Dead!

Shadows of War Roger Fenton’s Photographs of the Crimea

A great exhibition focusing exclusively on Roger Fenton’s pioneering photographs of the Crimean War, taken in 1855. Fenton was already an accomplished and respected photographer when he was sent by the publishers Agnew’s to photograph a war that pitched Britain, France and Turkey as allies against Russia.  Arriving several months after the major battles were fought in 1854, Fenton focused on creating moving portraits of the troops, as well as capturing the stark, empty battlefields on which so many lost their lives.


At The Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse until November, well worth a visit.

The Cloisters with an Iphone

I was passing Glasgow University yesterday and had a spare 15 mins to kill on the way to a job, and I love the Hunterian Museum but no time, so decided on a walk round the fabulous cloisters…again and a quick pic with my iphone!


The remotest place on mainland UK!

I just love my job, I get to photograph so many different people and locations form all walks of life, I always find it very interesting getting an insight and knowledge in to so many different industries.

I would never get to so many places through my work and when an email dropped in for a shoot described as “the remotest part of the UK” I jumped at the chance…and the client wasn’t exaggerating!

I drove to Mallaig then crossed on a private ferry to Knoydart…one pub (which opens when the landlord can be bothered) and a school with 14 pupils!
Fantastic shoot with a real sense of being out in the wilderness, will have to go back at somepoint…

Solar Eclipse

A rare partial solar eclipse is seen over The Kelpies, Falkirk Scotland.
solar eclipse/Scotland
solar eclipse/Scotland

Artist Iona Leishman

There are some great historical events coming up in Scotland over the next year.

I was recently commissioned to photograph artist Iona Leishmam, Historic Scotland’s First Artist in Residence.
Iona had just completed a series of paintings to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden the 1513 battle which killed James IV.

Iona Leishman06

Iona Leishman23

Iona Leishman20

Shoot was organised at the fabulous Stirling Castle, if you haven’t been well worth the visit, with great views looking down over Stirling.

Big thanks to Iona and the Historic Scotland press team who were very patient with me as the shoot took a lot longer than normal… trying to shoot mid morning without getting any tourists in shot is never easy!

Driving home…

I was driving back home after shooting a very nice feature in Peebles.
How many times are you driving along and think to yourself that looks great!
For once I had the time to stop and take a few pictures, and I am glad I did…

5 star eco self-catering

Finally the grey doom of the skies have lifted and the sun is out and the nights are getting longer…all good for photography!

So yesterday I was over in the far reaches of the west coast, just outside Kirkcolm shooting a magazine feature on a 5 star eco self-catering holiday house.

This place was fantastic, what a location the views out to sea were worth the three hour drive!

dundream, Kirkcolm Stranraer

dundream, Kirkcolm Stranraer

Dundream eco retreat, just the ticket for a weekend away to unwind and enjoy the coastal walks.dundream, Kirkcolm Stranraer

dundream, Kirkcolm Stranraer

The only challenge here was to balance the light inside with the outside so you can see the fabulous views.
dundream, Kirkcolm Stranraer

And the master bedroom…you would not want to get out of bed with that view.
dundream, Kirkcolm Stranraer
dundream, Kirkcolm Stranraer

dundream, Kirkcolm Stranraer

dundream, Kirkcolm Stranraer

Great thanks to Elaine, who runs Dundream for all her patience in making my working day such a pleasure.
dundream, Kirkcolm Stranraer
dundream, Kirkcolm Stranraer

First signs of winter

It was one of those rare days when the light was good and I had the time between jobs to stop and just take a few pix.bridge4

Late afternoon with the first signs of winter.
Clackmannanshire Bridge
Clackmannanshire Bridge
ochil01 copy