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Enough Food For Everyone “IF” campaign

I was commissioned to cover the launch of a great cause today, (always nice to cover something worthwhile) The Enough Food For Everyone “IF” campaign brings together more than 100 organizations and was launched in Glasgow today.
This is a joint campaign with Save the Children, Oxfam and a host of other charities.

Enough food for everyone, IF.

With so many different charities involved with this campaign there was a lot of hanging around on a cold Glasgow street.
But after two patient hours it got started and Scottish actor Atta Yaqub (Ae Fond Kiss) was a pleasure to work with as usual.
My only concern at this time of year, is the light goes very quickly in the afternoon, but managed I to get a fantastic set of images for my client.
Enough food for everyone, IF.

Lets hope it raises lots of money and awareness for a great cause.