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First signs of winter

It was one of those rare days when the light was good and I had the time between jobs to stop and just take a few pix.bridge4

Late afternoon with the first signs of winter.
Clackmannanshire Bridge
Clackmannanshire Bridge
ochil01 copy


It’s cold in Stockholm!

Did a recent shoot in Stockholm, as part of a promotional campaign.
I knew at this time of year it would be cold and with only a few hours of decent daylight for photography.
As this would be an outdoor shoot, I was concerned with the lack of daylight, and also how my camera batteries were going to cope with the
-15 during the day!
My client had arranged for a couple of local celebs that were both keen golfers.

Decided to start at noon to get the best from the little daylight there was.
Quite a bit of hanging around waiting for the celebs to get ready and setting up some lights, between shots the celebs were in the car keeping warm… I was frozen and was really starting to feel it, not just the normal cold but lack of concentration it certainly was totally different form the normal, will never again complain about the cold in Scotland!
Cameras and flash all worked perfectly and ended up with a really great set of pictures, which the client was delighted with.

World Hickory Golf Open

I do a fair amount of golf pictures over the summer, most through my corporate clients.
I got a call from a new client a golf magazine to shoot the World Hickory Championship…..sounds good, men with wooden clubs, lets see how they get on without all the technology that goes in to golfing theses days! Actually there were some pretty impressive scores.
It was the end of the golf season, and weather had started to turn and it was raining that day so packed all my waterproofs in to the car.
When I arrived at Craigielaw in East Lothian the sun had just started to come out!
Felt as if I a was in a time warp, all the golfers in period plus fours and with the obligatory old canvas bags and wooden clubs.

I love days like this, amazing scenery walking round a golf course and enjoying my favourite hobby…oh and also getting paid for it!

I won Calumet photo of the week!

I won the Calumet photo of the week for the 6th of October 2011.
Really pleased this is a world-wide weekly contest, and my 1st entry!
Calumet are a leading supplier for the photographic industry, and hold a regular competition for their “photo of the week” featuring some exceptionally high quality photos from international photographers.
Taken on holiday, driving round the desert on the old Route 66.

IPhone 4s review

As luck would have it, my upgrade (from the 3gs) was due same day as the new IPhone 4s was released!
So got my order in picked it up on Friday.
First impressions, its great……now for the tech stuff.
Loads pages very quickly on wifi noticeably quicker than on the 3gs.
The screen resolution is fantastic images taken or one’s you already have look sharper and more vibrant.
The camera its-self a new eight megapixel camera and 1080p high definition video capture is just perfect, when opened up in photoshop it gives a 22.9m image. I love the fact that when you compose a shot you can then touch the screen where you want it to expose……genius!
Here a few pix from today, just as they were shot on the iphone 4s, no adjustments.

The phone reception seams better, getting at least one more bar around my house.
The new feature of the iPhone 4s is Siri, a virtual personal assistant based on voice recognition technology.
Not sure about this didn’t seam to get my accent!

Anyone for a caravan holiday!

Have you been on a caravan holiday, me neither!
Last time I was about 9 years old, in a wet damp cold caravan on the west coast. My first experience with midges!!
Got a job to update a brochure and website for a caravan park, yes and all those lovely memories came flooding back.
Did I get a surprise……warm and sunny in Scotland, not only that but things have changed just a little bit since the midge infested days of small caravans, smell of calor gas and soggy fish & chips.
Lodges on the beach, caravans with plasma TV’s, en-suite and kitchens with a 6-ring hob, what have we been missing.

Don’t get me wrong this was no jolly……9 hours straight and still need to go back for more shots, but well worth putting in the effort if this doesn’t make you want to holiday in a caravan nothing will.
One thing the site shop closes at 6pm! Not good when you have worked all day and were dreaming of some ice cold water.